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Mega Family Trivia is my first skill developed for Amazon’s Alexa. It’s a simple trivia app, featuring a growing library of questions.

This app is built from a template offered by the Amazon Alexa team. It was a great entry point into learning how Alexa works and the AWS ecosystem. If you don’t know how to use Lambda functions yet… learn that now. This little project has actually helped me to decide the direction I want to pursue in my future coding en devours. Now, of course, this plan is likely to change 100,000 more times, but for now, I really want to focus on the JAM stack and Alexa integration using AWS and Netlify for my CMS.

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Store Ratings is an app I developed for Advance Auto Parts. It will make it substantially easier for district managers to collect social media data on their stores.

Note: Works best on Chrome and Firefox. This tool is also a prototype for another application I am building, all features have not been published and some code that wouldn’t normally be exposed is shown for demonstration purposes.

District managers (DMs) have to search 3 separate websites to gather data on store ratings (i.e. “stars”) for the stores they supervise. Some DMs oversee 15 or more stores. DMs have a varying degree of technological skill and use multiple devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones) to search for this data. This tool makes this information available quickly, while being delivered efficiently across all devices and usable by all skill levels.

As of this post, this tool is now serving over 300 stores through nearly 25 DM’s and is the foundation for an upcoming web application I am working on.

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talkE is a prototype chat application written in AngularJS, utilizing Google Firebase for the database, and featuring a fun and simple 80’s retro theme.

Because it is a live chat program you’ll need to use the following password (include both sets of brackets) to log in {Dr. Angula}.

The goal of talkE was to create a chat client that used three-way binding, which is something I was unfamiliar with. Fortunately, Angular makes this incredibly intuitive. Unfortunately, Angular isn’t the easiest framework to work with.

To be honest, I really disliked Angular at the start. The more I used it, the more I realized the power of Angular in developing a SPA. The two-way (or in this case three-way) binding alone, is an amazing feature. I also believe that modularity is a big part of the future for technology. Angular works very well when built modularly, and that feature is something I hope that I can better learn to use in all future projects.

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Tru CastR is a bare bones weather app I built using Open Weather Map’s API. It features a responsive design, and the ability to get the current weather or forecast for any city across the globe.


I needed some practice doing API requests for another project I’m working on and I decided building a weather app was as good of a place to start as any. Overall, the process was fairly straight forward, and I didn’t have too many snags along the way.

Misc. Projects

NATO Translator

Translate words, phrases, or letters to the NATO phonetic alphabet. I want to eventually rewrite this in Angular to take advantage of 2 way data binding and make it a live hosted application. For now, here’s the demo.

I haven’t quite figured out how JSfiddle resolves scripts, on some browsers this demo may not work 100% correctly, you can also try the demo directly at JSfiddle.

Spoiler Button

A simple button to toggle hidden sections in a post. It’s mostly designed for bloggers who have little experience with JavaScript. I also wrote a post about adding it to any website.

See the Pen spoiler button by Jared (@JaredsPens) on CodePen.

Assorted Gutter Themes

Now available through Sublime Package Control.

A theme collection I put together for use with SublimeLinter3. Download it at my GitHub page. Here’s how they look.

SublimeLinter3 Gutter Themes

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